Too Much Denture Adhesive

Issue 21.17

Some time ago a neurologist was on Good Morning America to discuss his patient that had developed balance problems from swallowing too much denture cream that contained Zinc—a beneficial mineral found in ordinary multivitamins, but in large amounts can lead to serious illnesses. It was reported that his patient used massive amounts of the cream in her dentures that she wore at night for 10 years trying to compensate for the poor fit of her dentures.
First of all, if excessive denture cream oozes out of the denture after you bite on it, then you have used too much.
Secondly, even well fitting dentures should be removed at night. Dentures that require adhesive should never be worn overnight with denture adhesive in them. The mouth tissues must be allowed to rest and nighttime denture wear may result in tissue irritation, inflammation, and fungus infection.
Thirdly, the vast majority of dentures that fit well do not require the regular use of denture adhesive at all. It is important that a prosthodontist evaluate your dentures on a regular basis because your bone and gums may shrink in time and your dentures will need to be remade or relined when they become too lose. Don’t think that you can correct the fit of your dentures by using more and more denture adhesive. Keep in mind that once your teeth are removed, the changes to your jawbones are constant and ongoing. The fit of your dentures will change with time as your jaw shrinks, and the dentures will need to be relined or remade periodically to accommodate these changes.
Finally, if you are suffering with ill fitting dentures and desire more specialized, modern, natural, and permanent solutions to missing teeth such as dental implants, you should seek the care of a prosthodontist—a dental specialist with three additional years of training beyond dental school who is an expert in fabricating teeth replacements of all types. For information on the proper use of denture adhesive or to schedule an appointment for an expert solution to a challenging dental problem, call St George Center for Specialized dentistry today at (435) 674-3100.
Rodney L Andrus, DDS, MS, FACP is a Board Certified Prosthodontist at St George Center For Specialized Dentistry & Expert Solutions For Challenging Dental Problems (435) 674-3100

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