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Expert Solutions for Challenging Dental Problems

Rediscover your radiant smile with our dental restoration services. Our experienced prosthodontist, Dr. Andrus, specializes in the replacement of broken, worn, and decayed teeth through the use of crowns, veneers, inlays, and dental implants. He tailors each solution to meet your individual needs. Turn to Dr. Andrus for a solution. He will walk you through your options and work with you to create a personal plan for your journey to a pain-free beautiful smile.

Embarrassed by your smile? Explore our transformative services where precision meets perfection. Say hello to confidence.

Does one of the following sound like you?

We recognize and expertly diagnose big mouth problems and see the appropriate and effective solutions.

Worn Teeth Problems

Want to eat your favorite foods again?

Repair and Replace with Full Mouth Restorations

Hopeless Teeth Problems

Ready to give up on your teeth?

Fixed and Removable Rehabilitations

Missing Teeth Problems

Suffering with Bad dentures? Looking for a better replacement solution?

Fixed and Removable Rehabilitations

Full Mouth Restorations & Reconstruction

When you cannot eat your favorite foods. When you are living in discomfort or pain. When your family dentist just isn’t enough. We offer surgical and nonsurgical options while working with other specialists for the best outcome for you.

Dr Andrus has the specialized training to use cosmetic procedures to not only correct minor flaws, but to restore even the most complex damage back to a state of health, beauty, and comfortable function.

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Ready To Improve Your Quality of Life?

Step 1. Discover Desires:  Want to eat your favorite foods again? Suffering with bad dentures? Looking for an upgraded better solution?

Step 2. Exam

Step 3. Select the Appropriate and Effective Solution.

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
    • If your teeth are worn would you rather not lose them if they can be repaired?
  • Dentures or Implants
    • If your teeth are missing or hopeless, would you rather have a full mouth solution that stays in like natural teeth or would you rather have a solution that can be removed for easier cleaning but snaps in securely?
    • Do you have missing teeth but don’t want additional surgery?

Step 4. Overcome your barriers to treatment–Provide the treatment comfortably and affordably.

Step 5. Protect Your Investment and Refer Friends

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Treatment Planning Process



We are committed to the best outcome for you. Any journey is smoother when you plan with the end result in mind and don’t put the cart before the horse. Our in-house design, simulation, concept testing, and sequencing ensures that your final result fits perfectly.

Dentures Process
Dentures Process
Dentures Process
Dentures Process
Dentures Process
Shaping Dentures


Dr. Andrus is a Prosthodontist certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics as having demonstrated special skill, knowledge, and experience in oral rehabilitation methods such as crowns, dentures and implants. If you are considering extensive treatment for missing and damaged teeth issues, Dr. Andrus is uniquely qualified to help you.

The ONLY Board Certified Specialist for Damaged and Missing Teeth in Southern Utah

Dr. Andrus develops treatment plans, performs advanced dental procedures and oversees all aspects of his patients’ care. Whatever it takes to restore your smile, Dr. Andrus makes sure you get the most appropriate, effective treatment. He partners with excellent dentists and other dental specialists in our area as necessary to provide comprehensive care that meets your unique needs. Desire Discovery and Barrier Resolution Trained for Integrity and Spirit of Service

American Board of Prosthodontics
American College of Prosthodontists

Other Services

Fixed & Snap-On Implant Teeth

Dental Implants

Fixed Bridges

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Teeth Whitening

Dental Crowns

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Jon De Mille

5 months ago The amount of care and professionalism that I have received is absolutely amazing. Dr. Andrus is a perfectionist, and Meredith is an amazing lady. My father is the most important person in my life, and he is treated like royalty at St. George Center for Specialized Dentistry. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of dental work. Thank you so very much for your excellent work and service. Sincerely, Jon De Mille.

Janet Mills

Everyone in this office was kind and accommodating. Dr Andrus took so much time and care making sure my husband’s dentures were exactly right. We received calls after ever visit to make sure things were going well. Great place for prosthetic dental care.

Charles Ray

I can highly recommend St George center for specialized dentistry and Dr Andres .The time he and his team spent making sure I was comfortable and everything was right. he made upper denture for me he checked the fit at least five times before to sending it to be made and when he did the lower denture and the two implants also pulling three teeth with no pain no needlepokes that hurt.

Marie Sorne

Thank you so much for making my life enjoyable .you are an artist in your field .i am 88 yrs old and because of you I can eat my steak comfortably.For ever thank you.

Jan J

Dr. Andrus is a highly skilled specialist with extensive training, in depth knowledge and refined artistic precision of prosthodontistics! His patient exams are the most meticulous and thorough I’ve experienced! His is practice takes pride in quality versus quantity! St. George Center for Specialized Dentistry is dedicated to their professional, patient centered care providing the most modern, high quality evidence-based care!

Rita Longstreet

Dr Andrus is very professional and helpful with any problems I have had with my teeth. All the staff are also professional and courteous. I started using his office 2 years ago and would highly recommend anyone to use their services. I am very pleased with the outcomes of what he has done for me.

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