Digital Dentures


Issue 6.16

Dentures can now have the advantages of being made digitally using computer-design and precision-milling (CAD/CAM) technology.

This new method offers several advantages over the traditional technique.  First of all, the process can take as few as only two visits—the information is gathered in the first visit and the dentures are fitted in the mouth on the second visit.  Between the two visits the dentures are designed digitally using a computer and precision-milled out of a highly compressed pre-shrunk block of acrylic.

This process means that the denture is stronger, less bulky, fits more precisely, gives off less harmful residue, gives the option for a special computer-enhanced look and feel, and is more resistant to colonization by smelly pneumonia-causing bacteria, fungus, and other parasites.

Probably the best feature of this new technology is that a computer can store the digital record of the denture permanently.  Should you ever lose or damage your denture or just desire a spare set, an exact duplicate can be made overnight without ever having to come into the office.  You can have peace of mind that you not completely loose your smile, even if you loose your denture.

Dr Rodney Andrus is Southern Utah’s only board certified specialist in the restoration and replacement of teeth—a prosthodontist.  He provides expert solutions for missing and damaged teeth issues.  For more information you can call his office at 435-674-3100.

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