Affordable Solutions For Adult Dental Issues

Issue 26.17

If you are an adult still going to the same dentist you were when you were 9, it might be time for a change. You’re not a kid anymore! Unlike kids and teens that need braces and wisdom teeth removal, adults have different dental issues.
For adults, treatment can be complex. Medications can cause dry mouth that can, in turn, cause cavities. Gum disease over time can lead to tooth loss later in life causing the bite to shift and compromise the ability to chew food. Tooth wear can make teeth look older.
Fortunately there is a dental specialty recognized by the ADA that deals with these unique adult issues–Prosthodontics. Just as a kid’s dentist only sees kids, prosthodontists usually exclusively treat the advanced needs of adults. They are the adult oral rehabilitation specialists.
Furthermore, when it comes to the sometimes limited resources of older adults on fixed income, it is important for them to receive the most appropriate and effective care with that in mind. Appropriate and effective treatment is more affordable over time. That’s why prosthodontists dedicate an additional 3 years after dental school training—they are committed to give their patients the best outcomes.
Dr Rod Andrus is a board certified Prosthodontist exclusively serving adults with advanced dental needs.
Dr. Andrus can be contacted at 435-674-3100.

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